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Lasalle School Gokkuwal

Lasalle School Gokkuwal is located on the outskirts of Faisalabad city. Due to its location, the village has limited access to basic facilities and the nearest school is a bus ride away. The cost of a bus to school is more than what most parents can afford as most are daily labourers and earn very little. At present there are 341 students (boys and girls), 23 teachers and 3 support staff. The Lasallian Foundation has worked with the school to expand the number of classrooms and improve basic facilities such as toilets, power and clean drinking water.


La Salle High School Malkhan Wala

La Salle High School was only opened in April 2008 as a school for the poor. The Brothers opened a High School to service the local children at the request of the Bishop of Faisalabad and the local community. The closest school is about 5 km away and many families cannot even afford the bus fares for their children.

The site was formerly a very large school and vocations training facility but it had been abandoned for several years. The buildings, complex, hostel, furnishings and equipment are in need of extensive repairs or replacement. Initially only classes 6, 7, 8 and 9 were enrolled, however the Sisters started a primary school in 2010 which was given over to the Brothers in 2013. There are currently 350 students from kindergarten through to Year 10. 


La Salle School Sant Singh Wala

La Salle School Sant Singh Wala is located near the main Faisalabad/Lahore railway station on the outskirts of the city. It is a poor Christian slum area, but the student population is equally divided between Christians and Muslims. The Bishop gave the De La Salle Brothers the school in 1997. It started with only 33 students. Within one year, there were 80 children enrolled. Although it is registered as a girls’ school, this co-educational school now has 307 students (40% boys/60% girls) and 13 teachers. It is compulsory for all students to study Arabic and Islamiat but only the Christian students’ study Christianity. The school has consistently achieved a 100% pass rate for the national examinations for over 10 years.

La Salle School Sant Singh Wala students       La Salle School Sant Singh Wala students and teacher

La Salle Urdu High School (LSUHS), Campus 2

LSUHS is the only private Urdu high school for boys in Faisalabad that admits Catholic students but it also accepts students from all other faith backgrounds. LSUHS has been run by the De La Salle Brothers since 1961. At present there are 575 students. The students come from extremely poor areas in the city around Warispura, Christian Town and Madina Town. All of these children find it difficult to pay a very small sum of money as tuition fees. The parents of these children are labourers on daily wages, sanitary workers or unemployed. Many of the students come from broken families. In many cases, they lack most basic facilities at home. The students come from areas where they are exposed to social problems such as drugs, child labour and domestic violence. These circumstances pose challenges to the school in their ability to deliver a quality education.

In 2013, a separate girls' campus was established to respond to requests from the primary school girls and their parents, who wanted their children to continue their secondary education at La Salle Urdu School.

Lasalle Urdu School students      Lasalle Urdu school students

Completed projects

La Salle School Railway Colony

We are excited to report that the Railway Colony School from 2012 is self-funded and being managed by the Diocese once again. Thanks to all our generous donors who helped create a modern, learning environment for these children.

The school is situated in a slum area of Faisalabad, where majority of the inhabitants are illiterate. The women work for the wealthy Muslim households as cleaners or housekeepers, which is their only income. So many parents are unable to afford to send their children to school - which makes this school essential in improving the childrens future.  

La Salle School Railway Colony       La Salle School Railway Colony

St Catherine’s Primary School

St Catherine's was established in 1970 and the De La Salle Brothers began managing the school in 2007. This school is situated in a Christian Colony known as Nazimabad; the majority of the residents are illiterate and live in poverty. Most of the mothers work as domestic servants and the fathers work in the vegetable market. 

In 2012, St Catherine’s became self-funding due to the stability of the program and structure’s set in place which was only possible because of the generous funding from our donors. It is now managed by the local Diocese.

St Catherines Primary School teachers       St Catherines Primary School students

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