Supporting education and related programs for the empowerment
of children, youth and their communities in the Asia Pacific

How We Work


The Lasallian Foundation works closely with our in-country Lasallian Partner Organisations (LPOs) and the local grassroots communities to assess and understand local needs and to create appropriate, sustainable solutions to meet these needs. We focus on programs and projects that improve basic necessities (clean water, sanitation, hygiene, health and nutrition, education and skills training) as well as wider initiatives that will help the whole of community to lift themselves out of the poverty cycle.

Together with our LPOs, we focus on the most disadvantaged and marginalised within their communities. Child protection is core to our work and all our LPOs are signatories to our child protection policy (CPP) or have since developed and implemented their own CPP. LPOs share the Lasallian Foundation’s values and principles – being child-focused in their approach and encouraging the community to work together to create sustainable outcomes for all. Collaboration with LPOs, local communities and other stakeholders throughout the entire project process from needs assessment and project implementation through to evaluation is important to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Working with in-country partners ensures that our approach is culturally appropriate and that strong long-term relationships are built with local stakeholders.

We encourage LPOs to act responsibly, according to the expectations of our donors and the communities that we serve. Being professional, accountable and transparent in their approach and having good standards in their systems and practice are essential, as is a commitment to continuous improvement as part of quality controls in their work processes. We work closely with our LPOs to ensure staff capacity can be improved through training and development as this improves overall effectiveness.

We are focused on initiatives that promote human rights, preserve human dignity and create a better future for poor communities.


Due to the heavy demands on our funding, the Lasallian Board has decided to focus on our existing partner network in the Asia Pacific the short term.
We are very committed to projects within our existing partner network in Papua New Guinea, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.

We are not accepting grant applications from non-Lasallian Partner Organisations. We do not accept unsolicited applications and proposals. 


Funding Parameters


Projects in Papua New Guinea, the Asia-Pacific Region and South Sudan.


No funding will be given to individuals. Organisations applying for funds must demonstrate that the projects were initiated and developed by local indigenous people. Preference will be given to organisations who are part of the Lasallian network, or are consistent with Lasallian values.

Grant Size

There are no pre-set limits for grant applications. Past grants have ranged from A$1,500 to A$200,000.

Application Guidelines

The length and complexity of applications for funding should be related to the size of the funding request.

All applications should address the following if relevant to the request:-

1. Overview of grantee organisation
2. Project outline
3. Project objectives
4. Target Group – description and numbers of individuals served
5. Involvement of beneficiaries in project design and measurement and evaluation
6. Project sustainability
7. Project outcomes
8. Measurement
9. Evaluation
10. Time frame
11. Budget
12. Other sources of funding approached/secured
13. Financial reports for previous year and current year budget (if applicable)

If the application is from a religious congregation it must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the Provincial or Congregational Superior.

Types of Projects Supported

1. Capital Projects

The Lasallian Foundation will consider Capital projects including buildings, plant, equipment and resources. Applications should address all of the criteria under the Application Guidelines.

2. Development Projects

The Lasallian Foundation will consider projects that have short and long term development outcomes such as improving access to education for girls, teacher training for remote areas, agricultural development that provides income and skills training opportunities, improving the health outcomes for children, and vocational training programs. Applications should address all criteria under the Application Guidelines.

3. Recurrent Funding

The Lasallian Foundation may consider providing recurrent funding. Preference will be given to time limited projects, or projects that demonstrate a strategy for replacement funding or future sustainability.

4. Project Sustainability and Capacity Building

The Lasallian Foundation has a strong commitment to sustainability of funded projects and building local resources and capacity of funded agencies.

Organisations may apply for funds for strategic planning purposes and business plan development.

If the Lasallian Foundation receives an application from an organisation for an eligible project which they wish to support, but feels that the long term sustainability of the project is in question, or further development of local income generating capacity is required, additional funding may be provided to address these issues. Provision of the original funding request may be dependent on the organisation committing to a strategic planning and resource development program.

Grant Acquittal and Reporting

All grantees must commit to a process of measurement and evaluation of projects that involves beneficiaries of the project where possible. An acquittal of funds disbursed and report on outcomes is required at the end of the project.

Application Deadlines

The Lasallian Foundation Board meets five times a year. The Board considers project applications at the March and September Board meetings.

Applications must be in writing following the guidelines above and be received by 15th January and July, respectively. The Lasallian Foundation may request further detail from applicants. For large or ongoing projects the Foundation may request a site visit and inspection. 


To make a contribution to the help the lives of poor and disadvantaged children and young people, please follow the link below.