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ACFID Code of Conduct

The Lasallian Foundation is a full member and a signatory to the Australian Council forInternational Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct. ACFID is an independent national association of Australian non-government organisations (NGOs) working in the field of international aid and development.

The ACFID Code of Conduct defines standards of best practice for international development organisations and represents the active commitment of its signatories to conduct their activities with integrity and accountability.The ACFID Code of Conduct is a voluntary, self regulatory industry code. The Lasallian Foundation's voluntary adherence to the Code of Conduct demonstrates our commitment to ethical practice, integrity and accountability. The Code aims to enhance standards throughout the NGO community to ensure that public confidence is maintained in the way that community contributors to overseas aid are used to reduced poverty through effect and sustainable development. From January 2011 all signatories to the Code must complete an annual Compliance Self Assessment.

If you believe the Lasallian Foundation has breached the Code, you can lodge a complaint directly with ACFID by emailing this form to or by writing to the Code of Conduct Management team at:

Private Bag 3
Deakin ACT 2600

For more information regarding ACFID and the Code of Conduct visit

To view the ACFID publication 'Myths busted - the Facts about Australian Aid', please click here.