Supporting education and related programs for the empowerment
of children, youth and their communities in the Asia Pacific



Our Values

  • Being child–centred; children and their basic needs are a top priority for the Foundation.

  • Empowerment of children.

  • Access to education by children who are denied this right.

  • An inclusive model based solely on the needs of children.

  • Building a community who work together and make decisions together – locally and globally.

  • Taking risks by working in some of the most difficult and challenging contexts where there is the greatest need.

  • Its commitment to harness individual and collective energy that expresses an intent that disempowered children are ‘worthy of our lives’.

  • Reaching people who no one else will reach out to.

  • It’s commitment to advocacy – challenging systems that disempower children and young people.

  • Its recognition and use of women as the key agents of change.

  • It’s invitation to its supporters to look the children in the eyes and be moved by their needs.


Our Operational Principles

  • The Foundation's projects oppose discrimination and the denial of rights based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, age, physical ability, caste, opinion, political alliance or sexual orientation. In the Foundation's projects, partnerships and marketing and communications the Foundation respects the dignity and equality of the people it serves.

  • The Foundation's projects aim to achieve lasting and sustainable social and economic change in the communities it serves that address the root causes of poverty and discrimination. The Foundation's project designs aim to be inherently sustainable beyond the Foundation's funding period in terms of resources and will be based on a situational analysis that considers the underlying causes of poverty and social justice and the needs of the target population.

  • All of the Foundation's projects will be measured and evaluated with participation from the beneficiaries as well as project staff. The Foundation insists on the highest standards of financial accountability in all of its projects.

  • The Foundation aims to empower beneficiaries of its projects to create their own solutions and to maximise their own resources through a process in which projects will be designed through the participation and initiation of the local people they serve, based on their own identified needs and solutions.

  • Through the involvement of local beneficiaries in the design and monitoring process of the Foundation's projects the Foundation will ensure programs are culturally appropriate and sensitive.

  • The Foundation's projects will be audited for environmental impact and sensitivity with the goal of positive environmental impact and sustainability.

  • The Foundation is committed to a process of continuous improvement in the Foundation's internal processes and projects, and the use of measurement and evaluation of programs and projects to create a learning environment.