Supporting education and related programs for the empowerment
of children, youth and their communities in the Asia Pacific


The Lasallian Foundation was established in 2005 by the De La Salle Brothers of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to fund developmental and emergency relief projects in the Asia-Pacific region. The Foundation builds on a long history of informal support for projects initiated and conducted by the Brothers through their Mission Fund. Our aim is to continue expanding these activities into the future.

Our Mission

Millions of children and young people around the world are denied access to basic human rights. The Lasallian Foundation works to make a sustainable difference by giving them the opportunity to realise their full human potential and break the poverty cycle, which has plagued their families and communities for generations.

Our Objectives

  • To support development and emergency relief projects primarily but not exclusively in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on the poorest and most marginalised communities, and in particular children.
  • To advocate on behalf of these communities and children, particularly in relation to children’s rights and safety.
  • Support people in Developing Countries in emergency situations such as those caused by earthquakes or other natural disasters including famine or conflict.
  • To act as trustee for a Relief Fund.
  • To solicit donations and gifts for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Foundation.
  • To attract and encourage bequests, legacies and all forms of deferred gifts for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Foundation.
  • To capitalise on the enormous strengths in the delivery of education already existing within the De La Salle network.