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Rama's Story

When he was very small Rama was found begging in Virdhunagar village at a bus stand. An elderly woman found and befriended him. This is his first memory as a child. He has no recollection of ever having parents or belonging to any family. He was taken to one of the programs conducted under the auspices of the De La Salle Brothers India, called Reaching the Unreached (RTU). RTU is a very holistic program which gives familial support, health monitoring, friends, safety, shelter and access to learning.

Once assessed Rama moved to another program called Boys Village. He lives here with another 85 young orphaned or very poor boys. Beyond the basics of housing, food, clothing, education, medical, Boys Village learn life skills such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening (they grow their own crops that is sold back to the kitchen), skills that they will use throughout their lives. When Rama was 15 he wanted to become a policeman.

Rama is now 18 years old and he's learning welding at a Lasallian vocational training centre in Madurai. He's looking forward to completing his trade and finding a good job.

Boys Village orphan
Left: Rama aged 11, right: Rama aged 18 with LF CEO, Miranda Chow 

Roshan from Sri Lanka Update

Lasallian Foundation first shared young Roshan’s story during Christmas 2011 when he was 10 years old and being cared for by the De La Salle Brothers in Mannar, Sri Lanka. 

Like many children and families in Sri Lanka he experienced traumatic and heartbreaking events during the civil war. His village was a main base for the Tamil Tigers which meant their houses were bombed repeatedly by the Sri Lankan Air force killing many of his friends and family. His father was also killed by the Tamil Tigers and he witnessed cruelty and violence that children his age should never see.

Now we are happy to report, despite his traumatic experiences, Roshan is studying in Grade 8 at St Xavier’s National School. The Brothers tell us he is actively involved in school activities and a proud member of St. John’s Ambulance Club. His studies are going well and he is a happy young man with a positive future ahead of him!

Sri Lanka Success Story letter    
Sri Lanka Success Story

Roshan’s letter to Lasallian Foundation in 2011                                      Roshan today

Congratulations Shanika

We want to say a big “Congratulations“ to Shanika. She has recently graduated business school after 3.5 years, with a Business Management degree.

Shanika has been part of our education sponsorship program in Sri Lanka and has been a student with Lasallian Schools in Colombo since primary. She has always been an extremely capable and bright young student but because of her parents poor health and inability to work, they couldn’t financially support her higher education. 

After Shanika completed high school, the Brothers were worried she wouldn’t be able to further her studies and approached the Lasallian Foundation for financial assistance to obtain  a degree and realise her full potential.  Shanika has worked full-time since starting her degree to help support herself and to help pay for her father’s medical expenses. She has been studying during the evenings and weekends to complete her degree.

Here is a part of her letter she sent us in 2009 before her tertiary studies:

“I am sure, if my dream comes true, it will make my parents happy and their faces will be filled with smiles and their eyes will be filled with tears of joy.  I will be able to look after my parents and those who need my help and bring happiness to their lives. I am sure my donors will be proud of my achievements. I will be very grateful to my donors and to all those who help me to achieve my target in life. My humble prayers will be with them for this great act of kindness and generosity”.

Because of one Australian supporter’s generosity, Shanika’s hard work and her education, opportunities for better employment are presenting themselves already. Since discovering Shanika has completed her business degree, her current employees have offered her a significant promotion to start early in 2015. This will enable her to best support herself and her parents. We wish you all the best for the future Shanika!

 Sri Lanka Sponsorship Shanika proudly holding her degree

Update on One Lasalle Appeal for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, Philippines

How Jo's Girls is helping in PNG

Doreen (pictured below) lives at Goldie about 23 km outside of Port Moresby from the school. She used to walk for many hours to get to and from school as her parents could not afford to pay for her daily transport (PMV’s) to and from Port Moresby - thirty toea (A$0.15). Doreen would be too tired and it would be too dark to do her homework after her long journey home.

A donor, whose daughter was tragically murdered, asked that the compensation money from her daughter’s death be used to establish a fund to help marginalised girls to complete their secondary education. “Jo’s Girls” was established in 2008 and so far it has helped 20 girls to finish their schooling at HYDC. Funds have been used to pay for transport, school fees, examination fees, books and uniforms. Jo’s Girls has helped girls like Doreen, live better, learn better and complete their education.

What Joseph did next

Whilst in India in 2002 Br Paul was introduced to a little two year old boy named Joseph. Joseph was born in 1999, prematurely. This resulted in severe physical and mental disabilities, affecting one of his hands and both his legs, rendering him entirely dependent on others to care for him. Taken in by the De La Salle Brothers’ New Dawn Village centre in Madurai, India, there was little expectation of any real recovery for him.Over the last nine years Br Paul has regularly checked on Joseph. He has been well cared for, although unable to walk. The other students would carry him about on their backs. They love him greatly and he is very mischievous and joins in as best as he can.

During a recent visit Br Paul was talking to all the children and suddenly they were distracted but very excited. A boy walked up onto the stage and held his hand. The children laughed and screamed out the name “Joseph!” Br Paul was delighted and overcome to see it was Joseph. He was walking. It was a great moment and a wonderful achievement for Joseph. He is now a teenager and he is keen to finish his schooling and work at New Dawn as the watchman.

Reaching The Unreached - Siva's Story

When Siva was 5 years old, his younger brother became unwell and needed an operation. His single mother couldn’t afford the operation. In desperation to save her younger child, she sold Siva into labour bondage for R1,500 (AUD$50) to pay for the operation.

Siva was sold to a man and worked in a roadside stall over a deep fryer, cooking fried snack foods from 7am until 8pm at night. He was not cared for properly – underfed, not able to go to school and overworked.

Siva’s brother’s operation was successful and his brother recovered. Their mother found employment as an assistant house mother at one of the cottages at Reaching the Unreached (RTU), situated just outside of Madurai, India. When she discovered RTU’s purpose and focus on assisting disadvantaged children and youth, she revealed that she had another son who she had to sell into labour bondage.

After some investigations by the RTU staff, they located Siva and started to make enquiries about Siva. The man who bought Siva offered to sell him back for R1,500. Siva is now 7 years old and is living with his mother and younger sibling, with a number of other children in one of the cottages at RTU. 


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