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of children, youth and their communities in the Asia Pacific

de la salle schools


The De La Salle network of schools extends worldwide covering 81 countries from preschool through to universities.  Over 5,000 Brothers and many thousands of lay partners are continuing the Lasallian tradition in 65 universities and colleges and 92 schools. Lasallian schools and projects globally are open to an respectful of all faiths and cultures and our staff and volunteers are representative of the local communities they serve.

In Australia and New Zealand there are 21 De La Salle and associated schools. Click here for a full listing.

The De La Salle school network in Australia and New Zealand extend their support to the worldwide Lasallian family in many ways. Through fundraising activities such as Mission Action Day and through school group volunteering projects organised  by individual Lasallian schools. You will find more information about volunteer projects and links at the School Volunteering page.

There is also a passionate group of De La Salle school alumni and the opportunities for these groups to connect and support the wider Lasallian family is growing through the magic of social media and online communications. Visit our Alumni page for contact details and links to existing alumni groups. 

If you or your alumni group would like to support the work of the Lasallian Foundation there are many ways that you can get involved, through fundraising, networking or skill sharing. Please contact us in the office at to see how your alumni group could help the work of the Brothers.