Supporting education and related programs for the empowerment
of children, youth and their communities in the Asia Pacific

What We Do


In the tradition of our founder, John Baptist De La Salle, the Lasallian Foundation believes that education is one of the key tools in the fight against poverty. Education provides literacy, knowledge and skills that will create opportunities for children and young people and enabling them to live better lives.

The Lasallian Foundation supports development programs in impoverished communities. Programs are identified by our in-country Lasallian Partner Organisations (LPOs) in consultation with local communities as they are best placed to identify the needs and the possible solutions.

Our programs and projects include a wide range of initiatives such as:

  • basic water supply and sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • basic and good nutrition especially for preschool aged children
  • preschool, primary and secondary school education programs
  • tuition centres
  • vocational training
  • agricultural developments
  • capacity building and professional development
  • community awareness & advocacy

We are focused on initiatives that promote human rights, preserve human dignity and create a better future for poor communities.

Left: WASH Program, Sri Lanka and Right: PNG Container project