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Lasallian Teachers Village, PNG


The “Lasallian Teachers Village” project goal is to build 20 homes for Lasallian teachers over the next 10 years.  Each house costs approx. A$75,000 to build so the project will require $1,500,000 for the entire village to be completed. 

The need for housing is essential to attract and retain good teaching staff to Lasallian schools; improve teacher attendance and participation (as work travel time will be significantly reduced); and ensure   our schools will continue to deliver quality education to poor and marginalized children in Port Moresby, PNG. 

Teachers’ salaries are generally very low, and land and housing is very expensive so many teachers and their families can only afford to live in one of the large settlement areas, or shanty towns. It is also common for several families, relatives or people from the same tribe/village (known as wantok) to live together with sometimes ten or more adults and children living in a simple one room hut.

The housing is very basic and made from whatever materials the family can find or afford e.g. metal and fibro sheeting, woven mats and plastic tarps. Houses in the settlements do not have access to electricity or running water so cooking is done outside on a gas burner or open fire,and they have very rudimentary toilet facilities, if any at all. 

Because sanitation and hygiene in the settlements is generally poor, diseases like TB and malaria are extremely common. Criminal activity such as drugs, alcohol, and gun/knife crime is also rife throughout the settlements, as is domestic violence consequently security and safety is a major issue, particularly for children, young people and women. 


The Port Moresby Archdiocese has also recognised the plight of the teachers from the two Lasallian schools and in support has given land for this project. The construction of the LTV began in 2012 and so far two houses have been completed (pictured below). This project is to support the construction of additional 2 and 3 kit bedroom teacher houses. The completed houses will be offered to teachers to supplement their minimal salaries. 

This project will provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation for teachers and their families. This will ensure that the schools can employ and retain quality teaching staff, and promote a high standard of Lasallian education.


To provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation for teachers you can donate directly to the project below. 

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