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School Newsletter Snippets for February 2016

Welcome Back Students, Staff and Parents!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, refreshing Christmas break with friends and family and are already back in to the swing of things ready for an exciting 2016. 

Volunteering truly embodies the Lasallian spirit, and late last year two Lasallian Foundation projects were completed, with some of that Lasallian spirit, in the form of two Australian school volunteering programs.

James Sheahan College in Orange, NSW has been travelling to north Sri Lanka for the past two years with keen, hardworking volunteers who helped paint and decorate the new La Salle English Medium School (EMS) in Mannar. This preschool and primary school, opened by Superior General of the De La Salle Brothers, Br Robert Schieler; PARC General Councillor, Br Ricky Laguda; and Provincial of the De La Salle Brothers Sri Lanka, Br Christy Croos, on October 20 2015, is now able to educate up to 760 children, who come from a part of Sri Lanka hardest hit by the civil war. 


Photos: Br Christy Croos, Br Robert Schieler and Br Ricky Laguda at the opening of the EMS, right: the new EMS building

The other project completed late last year is the new Parmenie Learning Centre,  the Bamboo School’s second campus in Three Pagodas Pass, situated close to the border of Thailand and Myanmar. 
Parmenie Learning Centre has very gratefully received the volunteering assistance from St Bedes Mentone students and staff for the last three years who have helped build a number of school buildings.

This school offers education to tribal Burmese refugee children who have been displaced from their home villages and are now are living in makeshift villages along the border. These communities are not recognised by either the Thai or Burmese Government. These people have no identity and no human rights. The new extension will be able to now educate an extra 400 students.  


Photos: New students pose on the steps of their new school extension, right: the new Parmenie Learning Centre 10 classroom building

Both schools give children the chance of a brighter future through education, and the flow on effect will create long-term change and sustainability throughout their entire communities. Thank you to all those involved! 


Kind regards,

Miranda esignature

Miranda Chow

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